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Model: Octoplus FRP Tool Dongle
Samsung Reset FRP operations. 1. “Reset FRP UART (UFS chips)” operation. This operation will not reset/delete device user data. To perform “Reset FRP UART (UFS chips)” operation, do the following steps: Put the phone in Download Mode (power off the phone, press and hold "Volume-" + "Hom..
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BMT Pro Dongle
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Model: BMT Pro Dongle
BMT PRO Dongle is a professional tool with 1 Year Activation provided by BMT Team. Features Android Tools Unlock and read pattern lock (root is required)Google account 4.x.x (root is required) Install Language enabler (without root) Install and activate Google keyboard stable (roo..
₹7,900 INR ₹7,900 INR
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Easy Jtag Plus with ice friend UFS Socket
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Model: Easy Jtag Plus with ice friend UFS Socket
Easy Jtag Plus with ice friend UFS Socket..
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Model: Easy-Box Dongle
Overview Easy-Box Dongle allows you to Flash, Repair IMEI, Reset FRP and many other operations on Nokia, Alcatel, and Sony phones. Nokia Nokia - Features: FlashRepair IMEIReset FRPUnlock code calculation Nokia - Supported Phones: NOKIA 1, NOKIA 1 Plus, ..
₹3,000 INR
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Model: EFT Dongle
EFT Dongle stands for Easy-Firmware Team Dongle EFT Dongle - First in the World Root Features: The root method is new and exclusive and never happened beforeThe root is official and doesn’t need anything like flashing custom recoveries or ZIP filesThe root is clean and works in the device witho..
₹4,600 INR
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Model: Emmc Dongle
Overview EMMC Dongle is a powerful Qualcomm tool that provides support for various kinds of IC EMMC included in the software. Has its own software and secure online interface. Supports IC (eMMC, MCP, UFS, eUFS) for Samsung, SK Hynix, Toshiba, Kingston, Micro..
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EMMC ISP Hardware for Ultimate Multi Tool (UMT) & GSM Shield
New In Stock
Model: EMMC ISP Hardware for Ultimate Multi Tool (UMT) & GSM Shield
Supported Brands- ASUS- Acer- Advan- Alcatel- Coolpad- HTC- Huawei- Intex- LG- LYF- Lenovo- Motorola- Nokia- Oppo- Realme- Samsung- Sharp- Sky- Smartfren- Sony- Vivo- Xiaomi- ZTE- Qualcomm EMMC Device- other devices are also supported...Supported Functions- Read Any Partition- Write Any Partition- E..
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Update F-Finder v. "Auto Track Troubleshooting Smartphone Problems"                                                              ..
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Model: GRT Dongle
Overview GRT Dongle is a powerful tool designed for servicing Qualcomm-based phones. Main Features: Read / Write Full FactoryUnbrick (XML) Firmware in EDL ModeRead / Write Full Dump (User Area) Partition in EDL ModeRead / Write Full Dump (User Area) Direct in EDL ModeReset FRP in EDL Mode (Asus, Op..
₹4,500 INR
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Model: Hydra Dongle
Hydra Dongle is one of the most advanced platforms for mobile unlocking and repairing. Hydra Dongle - Modules: Main Module (Samsung, LG and Motorola)MTK ModuleQualcomm ModuleSpreadtrum Module Hydra Dongle - Main Features: Flash*Backup / Read Firmware*Repair IMEI*Security Tools (FRP Reset, N..
₹6,199 INR
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Model: Inferno Dongle (1 Year Pre-activated)
Inferno Dongle (PRO Pre-activated) - work with Samsung, LG, Sony, BlackBerry, Nokia mobile phones *. With Inferno Dongle you will be able to Read Information, Read and Write Flash, Unlock Phone, Format, Backup, Clear Viruses, Root and much more. After you receive the Inferno Dongle you have to se..
₹3,750 INR
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