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Gsm Team eMMC ISP Tool

Gsm Team eMMC ISP Tool
Gsm Team eMMC ISP Tool
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Gsm Emmc Isp Adaptor splashily design for easly connect  to smartphone emmc ic you can program or safe unlocks.

Support Software :

1 UMT eMMc Tool

2 Miracle eMMc Plus Tool

3 Uni Android Tool  eMMc Tool

4 Hydra Dongle eMMc

5 GSM Shield ISPTool

6 EMT Tool eMMc Program


1 Regulator VCC VCCQ 1.8V / 2.8V / 3.3V

2 Support Qualcomm And MTK Models eMMc Chips

3 Power LED

4 Programmer LED

5 V8 Usb Connector

6 B Type USB Connector

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